Jesse Langseth's Idol run ends after wild card performance


American Idol judges gave Jesse Langseth one more chance to prove herself during the show's wild card round, but her last performance just wasn't enough for her to advance to the Top 12. The decision was so tough that the judges actually decided to go for a Top 13 instead, but Langseth still missed the cut.

Langseth belted out "Tell Me Something Good" by Rufus and Chaka Khan. Check out the video, judge reaction and some blog commentary below.

The judge reaction from the Star Tribune:

"You nearly did" make it, Simon Cowell told the 26-year-old single mother. She had the unenviable task of going first, doing Rufus' 1974 funk-rock classic "Tell Me Something Good." "It wasn't great; it was just alright," said Randy Jackson.

Kara DioGuardi told Langseth something good: "You just got a swagger. You don't care what's going on. You cut loose." Paula Abdul was "impressed with your tenacity and determination."

However, Cowell gave her mixed marks, praising her "nice voice" but calling her performance "slightly indulgent."

Annoying redhead Jesse Langseth up first, doing "Tell Me Something good," in a slinky dress; and oh god starts off right away with a lot of attitude. The song is just not very pleasant to listen to, and her manner of singing is excruciating, she draws everything out weirdly like she has her own sense of timing. Definitely has a big voice, but I just don't like listening to her.
USA Today:
Jesse Langseth leads off the American Idol wild-card round with some old-school funk in the form of Chaka Khan and Rufus' Tell Me Something Good. But she has a hard time settling into the song. She looks fantastic, and it's a great song for impressing the judges, but she seems to be all over the place vocally when she needs to be hitting those wild little runs with more precision.