Jesse Atkins of St. Paul next up on "The Biggest Loser"

Jesse Atkins, a 28-year-old Appellate Court law clerk from St. Paul, is the next hometown guy to try his hand at weight loss on "The Biggest Loser."

Atkins will compete for weight loss on the upcoming season, which starts Sept. 21. He lettered in football and weightlifting in high school, but was heavy then and got picked on--everybody called him "Pumbaa."

In college, he discovered beer and gained another 50 pounds. Atkins says that he knows that people consider him lazy and unproductive and assume he's incapable of doing an efficient job. He worries that his weight will impact his future career.

Atkins is the third fourth person from the Twin Cities to compete for weight loss on the biggest loser, after father-daughter duo Sunshine and O'Neal Hampton, from Richfield, appeared on the show last season, though they weren't quite the biggest losers. Also, Kathryn Murphy, an attorney from Bloomington, represented Minnesota on Season 2.

Even though the show hasn't started yet, Atkins is already talking about his experience. Here's what he said about the public weigh-in:

"Once I was up there on that scale with my shirt of in front of 500 people, and when I turned around over my shoulder and looked a that weight, and I saw 369 pounds, all the feelings of joy and excitement, they were just gone for that moment," he says. "I was shocked. That wasn't a great moment. But it's a motivator, too."

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