Jerry Seinfeld helps Jon Stewart with his Marcus Bachmann problem [VIDEO]

Seinfeld tried to keep Jon "straight' on Marcus Bachmann.

Seinfeld tried to keep Jon "straight' on Marcus Bachmann.

Marcus Bachmann has made his living trying to help gay kids be straight. Last night on "The Daily Show," Jerry Seinfeld played counselor, trying to help Jon Stewart not make gay jokes at Marcus Bachmann's expense.

Stewart ran through some choice clips of Marcus Bachmann that make it look like that not only is he president of Bachmann and Associates, but he's also a client.

After watching a particularly light-footed moment from Marcus, even Seinfeld can only say, "Wow."


Stewart's assessment of Dr. Bachmann, drawn first from a video clip where Marcus and Michele do a swing dance, is that he might be "curing [gay people] so he can hoard all the gayness for himself."

"Is he teaching people not to be gay?" Stewart asks. "Or is he like the Green Mile Guy, just absorbing it all?"

Eventually, Jerry shows up and tries to get Jon to go... "straight," to use an apt word. It works, sort of, but after a while even Seinfeld has to get in a few shots of his own.