Jerry Moore: Check out the paper trail

The content featured in this week's feature about Jerry Moore comes from court affidavits, police reports, documents found in the closing of 1564 Hillside Avenue North, files maintained by the Jordan Area Community Council and various other public documents. For those interested in following the paper trail, here are excerpts from and PDF files of select documents from the story.

1564 Hillside Avenue North

After her husband received a late notice for a mortgage on a house he had never heard of, Melony Michaels wanted answers, so she looked through the closing documents on the sale of the house. In the thick stack of legalese, Michaels discovered a $5,000 check made out to Jerry Moore. Accompanying the check was an invoice addressed from J.L. Moore Consulting to Keith Reitman, the seller. The invoice claimed Reitman owed Moore $5,000 for windows.

In the criminal complaint outlining charges against Larry Maxwell (the man convicted of masterminding the mortgage fraud scheme), the investigator notes the check addressed to Moore. Here's the full complaint (bottom of page 5). An excerpt:

"Additionally, disbursements during paid from the proceeds of these fraudulent loans during closing include payments to Gill Construction ($24,100), Jerry Moore, J.L. Moore Consulting ($5,000), and Peter W. Lang for the benefit [of] James Lang ($56, 291.78)."

Investigators say Moore was never questioned during the investigation.

The post-election fight

On Jan. 12, 2009, Minneapolis police responded to a fight call at the Jordan New Life Community Church near the corner of 25th and Morgan avenues north. By the time police arrived, Moore had left. Several witnesses described to police that a fight had broken out between Moore and other community members after a neighborhood council election. Moore called police later to report he had been assaulted. In the police report (police narrative here), both Moore and P.J. Hubbard, a council member, are listed as victims.

An excerpt from the police narrative:

"Victim Hubbard stated that after the community meeting was over he observed Victim Moore slap Witness Dennis Wagner in the face. Victim Hubbard then approached Victim Moore and told him that he was "out of order." Victim Moore stated "fuck you P.J. I'll kick your ass". P.J. is victim Hubbard's nickname. Victim Moore then punched Victim Hubbard in the head with a closed fist.

After Victim Moore hit Victim Hubbard some community members escort Victim Moore out of the building. While exiting the building Victim Moore yelled, cursed and threatened to fight other people...

While I spoke with Victim Hubbard, I observed a red mark approximately 1 inch long and a ½ inch wide on the right side of his forehead."

A few months later, Moore filed an appeal to receive unemployment benefits. The court held an evidentiary hearing to determine whether or not Moore's termination was fair. Based on witness testimony, the court ultimately denied Moore's appeal. Here's an excerpt from the court document about the fight:

"Near the end of the employment, there was a significant amount of tension between different factions of the Jordan Area Community Council. On January 12, 2009, a meeting was held by the Council...

"One of the members accused Moore of misappropriating funds and made contact with Moore on his back. Upset by the contact, Moore slapped the individual who made contact with him. At the time Moore slapped the other Council member, he was not in immediate danger or at risk of harm. After Moore struck the Council member, the situation escalated.

Another Council member quickly chastised Moore for his actions while moving in his direction. Moore physically moved her aside but not in an overly forceful or aggressive manner. As a result, another member of the Council approached Moore in an aggressive manner shouting."


The missing equipment

On Jan. 15, 2009, Minneapolis police again responded to a call from someone on the neighborhood council. This time, it was for a burglary report. The report lists "Moore, Jerry Lamont" under "suspect." Excerpt from the report (Police narrative here):

"R1 McCandless reports that while she was at the JACC house on 01/15, S1 Moore stopped by the house. When she asked him what had happened to the computers, she reports that S1 Moore replied "I don't know" and refused to answer any other questions. He then left the scene. The board members on the scene suspect that S1 Moore took the missing items or was involved in having the items removed as retaliation for being fired."

DFL 58th District Executive Committee

Earlier this year, Moore ran for a director spot on the 58th District's DFL Executive Committee. Put to a delegate vote, he was elected in March. In a court affidavit signed Feb. 19, Moore lists an address in Hopkins as place of residence. Because Moore didn't live in the district, the committee voted to vacate Moore's seat at its June meeting, says Brian Bushay, another executive committee director.

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