Jerry Maren's munchkin cinematic hit parade

Jerry Maren has had a big career. Although uncredited in most of his on-screen appearances, the member of the Lollipop Guild that gave Dorothy a lolly in the Wizard of Oz has been in oodles and oodles of films and commercials. He'll be in town this weekend at the Heights Theater for two Oz screenings that benefit the Judy Garland Museum. But, we've all seen Maren in that. Let's look at his other career highlights. 

Maren double-dipped on McDonald's commercials. Not only did he play the Hamburglar, he also played Mayor McCheese! Since his face is covered, it's really hard to tell if these two commercials are his. Either way, they're hella fun to watch.  


He also played a moleman in Superman and the Mole Men. This is a clip from it, but if you'd like to laugh hysterically at how they made superhero movies in 1951, watch the longer one below.



And for nostalgia, here's his scene in Oz. Maren's the one in the middle.