Jerry Kill's contract is awesome even if his record isn't

Kill too is left wondering how he's paid so handsomely for doing the fantastically mediocre.

Kill too is left wondering how he's paid so handsomely for doing the fantastically mediocre.

Jerry Kill isn't the smartest person in the room. He's the smartest person in Minnesota. 

As University of Minnesota football coach, Kill gets paid millions to coach a kids' game. According to the latest contract extension signed earlier this year, the U will pay him a total of $11 million starting next year through 2019.

He's making $2.5 million this season.

That's but the nougat of his sweetheart gig. The caramel topping comes in the form of perks included in the 54-year-old head coach's contract.

For recruiting trips and "other... business" located more than 200 miles from campus, Kill enjoys "Private Aircraft Use" for up to 60 hours annually. When he's driving to the hangar for a trip to say, Bagley, to talk full ride with a strong safety, Kill gets there in his choice of vehicles. The university supplies him two cars throughout his tenure. 

These professional frills became shared treats for his family when the Gophers go on the road. Space is reserved for the missus and two daughters on charter planes to away games. The fam also sleeps free and receives meal allowances.

If Rebecca Kill requires "additional spousal travel appropriate for University purposes but unrelated to football games," that too can be funded by the school as long as the AD approves it.  

The added "spousal travel" is further proof America is the greatest country on the planet.

With mama and the kids well cared for, Kill can focus on winning football games and packing stands of TCF Bank Stadium. 

Among his "annual incentive bonuses" are: $50,000 for five Big Ten wins and $25,000 for each additional conference victory; $50,000 for a graduation rate of at least 70 percent; and, $75,000 if home attendance averages 49,000 or higher, which is nearly 4,000 spectators shy of capacity. 

Football season or not, Kill's contract delivers just the same. For 12 days each year he gets to use the university's football facilities rent free 

to operate and collect even more cash running his youth football camps. 

Not too shabby for a guy, who in 2014, admitted he's “getting paid way too much." At the time Kill had just received a salary increase from $1.2 million to $2.1 million.

Humility aside, Kill's contract is a gift that will keep on giving long after he leaves the U's sidelines. The school is funding his retirement account a total of $4 million from 2014 to 2018. Moreover, there's the "Post-Coaching Employment" provision for an unnamed job with unspecified duties that will pay Kill $200,000 annually "to transition Coach from the position of head football coach."

We should all want to grow up to be Jerry Kill. In the meantime, we're left being envious and basking in his glow. 

Note: After last weekend's tilt against Purdue, Kill's Gopher record stands one game over .500.