Jerry Kill to Jim Souhan: "Kiss my ass"

Kill is still pissed about Souhan's controversial September column.
Kill is still pissed about Souhan's controversial September column.

The 8-2 Gophers football team has won four consecutive Big Ten games and will play its biggest game in years tomorrow when it hosts archrival Wisconsin (the Badgers are also 8-2).

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In advance of the big game, CBS Sports profiled Jerry Kill. And one interesting tidbit from CBS's piece pertains to coach Kill's reaction to the controversial column the Star Tribune's Jim Souhan wrote about him back in September.

Souhan's column, entitled "In category of health, Kill falls too short to continue," was published on September 15, the day after Kill missed the second half of his team's game against Western Illinois following a seizure.

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From Souhan's column:

Kill suffers a seizure on game day as the coach of the Gophers at TCF Bank Stadium exactly as often as he wins a Big Ten game. He's 4-for-16 in both categories.

His latest epileptic seizure, suffered on Saturday, evokes sympathy for him and his family. He appears to be a good man earnestly trying to elevate a woeful program while searching for ways to manage his disease.

Even those who admire him most can't believe that he should keep coaching major college football after his latest episode. Either the stress of the job is further damaging his health, or his health was in such disrepair that he shouldn't have been hired to coach in the Big Ten in the first place.

The column rankled readers who thought Souhan was being callous, and in the days that followed, both since-departed Star Tribune Editor in Chief Nancy Barnes and Souhan apologized.

But Kill is still upset. From Dennis Dodd's CBS piece:

The awareness of his condition has given Kill a cause. He admits to being driven by a local columnist who suggested in September the coach "is not healthy enough to lead."

"Kiss my ass," Kill said, growing agitated behind his desk. "I'm going to show you. I'm a Division I coach, OK? I've got epilepsy. I've been doing this [expletive] and winning for a long time. I'll show you."

Souhan, however, suggested he's still somewhat skeptical of reports like CBS's that make it seem as though Kill has his epilepsy under control once and for all:

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