Jerome Simpson calls Tom Pelissero a "douchebag," Leslie Frazier calls to apologize

Yesterday, Simpson (left) had a choice word for Pelissero (right).
Yesterday, Simpson (left) had a choice word for Pelissero (right).

After pulling off a ridiculous flip over a defender in the course of scoring a touchdown for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2011, wide receiver and alleged ganja superfan Jerome Simpson was arguably the Vikings' most-ballyhooed free agent acquisition heading into this season.

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It hasn't worked out. During an injury-plagued regular season, Simpson scored 0 touchdowns and wound up with a total of 274 receiving yards -- in other words, just a few more than we've come to expect Adrian Peterson to run for in a single game. And now, Simpson is back to generating negative press with his behavior after he allegedly called respected ESPN 1500 Vikings reporter Tom Pelissero a "douchebag" to his face yesterday.

From Pelissero:

It's unclear why Simpson went off, but about an hour after posting that, Pelissero followed up with this:

Les may be all class, but we'd imagine he's none too happy about being put in a position where he feels compelled to call a reporter and apologize for a player's diss in the first place.

Simpson signed a one-year contract, so it's likely his days wearing purple are numbered. Let's hope that number is 3, as in February 3 -- the date when the Super Bowl will be held in New Orleans. If Simpson can duplicate his absurdly athletic flip touchdown on that stage, we bet Pelissero might even consider forgiving him.

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