Jeremy Johnson, who's autistic, was allegedly bitten by Anwatin Middle School staffer


If your kid came home from school with a bite mark, would you accuse a staff member of doing it? Probably not. Ariane Tyson-Cradle didn't either until her son's special education assistant showed up at her door and allegedly confessed.

Her son, Jeremy Johnson, is 11-years-old and has a severe form of autism that causes him to be non-verbal. When he came home from school with a bruised bite mark on his arm, she called his Minneapolis middle school, Anwaitin, to find out what happened.

She spoke to his special education assistant who said he wasn't aware of the bruise or how it happened. Three days later he should up at their home and confessed to biting Jeremy. He said he had been having a bad week.

"I really thought it was a kid. I never would have guessed in a million years it was an adult. I mean really, who goes around biting kids with disabilities who can't even defend themselves? Why would you do that?" Tyson-Cradle told WCCO.

After she reported the confession to the school and filed a police report, the assistant resigned from his position. Jeremy no longer attends the school. Police are investigating, but the man has not been arrested or charged with a crime.

See the full WCCO report here.