Jeremy Gillitzer, male eating disorder sufferer, dead at 38

Jeremy Gillitzer, from a 2007 slideshow
Jeremy Gillitzer, from a 2007 slideshow
Nick Vlcek

Jeremy Gillitzer, who appeared on the cover of City Pages to tell his story about his struggle with eating disorders, died Tuesday. He was 38.

I first met Jeremy in the fall of 2007, when he wrote me an email asking if I would be interested in telling his story. Under the headline, "Boy, Interrupted," Jeremy spared no detail in narrating his torturous existence. Wracked by a host of psychological problems and weighing just 88 pounds, it was clear Jeremy was not long for this world.

Soon after the issue was released, I received a frantic text from Jeremy: He had been involuntarily committed. I called him and he told me that police had stormed his house after concerned family called to report that Jeremy was a threat to himself.

Jeremy weighed 88 pounds at the time of this 2007 photo shoot.
Jeremy weighed 88 pounds at the time of this 2007 photo shoot.
Nick Vlcek

I visited Jeremy at Methodist Hospital's Eating Disorder Institute, bringing him a book to help him pass the time. He was the only male in a ward full of women, all of them with the hollow, wispy look common to advanced anorexia. He asked me to tell online readers of his blog what had happened and how to reach him, which I did.

After Jeremy got out of the hospital, he was eager to reach as wide an audience as possible. He appeared on Inside Edition, and was even named one of the Most Extraordinary Stories of '08.

Sadly, Jeremy was never able to overcome his inner struggle with his eating disorder. At the time of his death, he weighed 66 pounds.

A prayer service will be held at 11 a.m. Friday at the Roseville Memorial Chapel. Visitation will be held one hour prior to the service.

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