Jeremy Giefer's wife helped him contact his victim

Jeremy and Susan Giefer

Jeremy and Susan Giefer

Jeremy Giefer may be out of jail on bail for the moment, but now his wife is in trouble with the law too.

Susan Giefer has been issued a citation for helping her husband contact the teenage daughter he is accused of raping hundreds of times over the past seven years.


In early December, freshly released from jail on $250,000 bail, Susan Giefer let Jeremy tag along as she brought their son to a family therapy session that their daughter -- then staying with a foster family -- would also be attending.

That brought Giefer and his daughter into contact in the parking lot, a violation of his no-contact order that sent Giefer straight back to jail, and earned Susan her aiding-and-abetting citation.

Susan Giefer will appear in Blue Earth County Court on January 27 to answer to the charge.

This isn't the only time Susan Giefer has been implicated in her husband's efforts to contact his daughter: The Blue Earth County Sheriff's Department recorded a telephone call between Giefer and his wife when Giefer was in jail in which Giefer again sought to make contact with his daughter, again through a third party.

"You can tell [the victim] that I do love her," Giefer told his wife in that conversation, according to Captain Rich Murray of the Blue Earth County Sheriff's Department.

Susan Giefer certainly stands by her man. She testified on Jeremy's behalf in 1994 when he was convicted of criminal sexual misconduct for having sex with her when she was 14 years old.

In 2007, she wrote a letter to the pardon board supporting his effort to get his record cleared so she could open a child-care facility in their Vernon Center home.

Prosecutors say they're particularly concerned about Giefer's efforts to contact his daughter because there is enormous pressure on her to recant her accusations of sexual abuse.

Giefer is a free man again, for the moment, after posting an additional $100,000 in bail on Monday.

Sally Jo Sorensen contributed reporting for this post.

Jeremy Giefer's second mugshot, after he tried to contact his daughter/victim.

Jeremy Giefer's second mugshot, after he tried to contact his daughter/victim.

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