Jeremy Giefer timeline shows warning signs missed by Pawlenty's Pardon Board

Pawlenty Pardongate: The governor missed many red flags in clearing Jeremy Giefer's record.

Pawlenty Pardongate: The governor missed many red flags in clearing Jeremy Giefer's record.

Jeremy Giefer just can't seem to leave his daughter alone.

Giefer had his criminal sex conviction cleared by the Board of Pardons in 2008 only to be charged last month with sexually abusing his daughter hundreds of times over the past seven years.

Giefer already got in trouble earlier this month when he violated the terms of his release on bail by showing up in the parking lot of the place where his daughter was about to go to therapy. [jump]

In Giefer's court hearing today it was revealed that Giefer has also tried to make contact with his daughter through a third party. The conversation where he tried to make that arrangement was actually recorded at the Blue Earth County Jail where he is being held.

Prosecutors want Giefer's bail set at $1 million with conditions or $2 million without. His lawyer, Robert Docherty, wants something entirely different: $250,000 bail.

Before deciding how far to trust Giefer, the judge might want to consider the man's track record. City Pages has spent the last month combing through Giefer's history, and it's not a pretty picture.

Here's a detailed timeline of Giefer's life.

12/14/1992 - Giefer and Susan Hall first meet. He's 19 and she's 14.

Before 12/25/1992 - Giefer and Hall first have sex.

Middle of February, 1993 - Giefer starts living with Susan's parents

Middle of March, 1993
- Giefer stops living with Susan's parents

4/17/1993 - Police take a complaint from Wilson and Judith Hall, Susan Hall's parents.

7/23/1993 - Giefer and Hall turn themselves in to law enforcement

10/8/1993 - Criminal complaint is filed against Giefer

10/25/1993 - Giefer's first court hearing

11/24/1993 - Giefer's daughter is born

- Giefer is convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Third Degree.

5/6/1995 - Giefer and Hall are married.

- Jeremy and Susan Giefer's son is born.

9/1994 - The Giefers appear on Sally Jessy Raphael episode entitled, "I'm Too Young to be a Grandmother."

3/11/1997 - Giefer's 3 years of probation are discharged.

12/8/1997 - Giefer gets an equipment violation ticket

7/1/1998 - Giefer gets a speeding ticket

6/1999 - Giefer starts work as a driver for Peterson Motor Grader

7/1/1999 - Giefers buy 100 E Poplar Street, site of their home.

2001 - Giefer starts coaching baseball

1/2002 - Giefer starts work as a driver for Reynolds Welding Supply

2002/2003 - Giefer allegedly begins having intercourse with his 9-year-old daughter

3/25/2003 - Giefer hits his 7-year-old son for refusing to go to bed, leaving a mark visible the next day.

3/26/2003 - Blue Earth County Sheriff's Department files an Incident Report related to the hitting incident. Will Purvis signs the Report.

3/27/2003 - Case workers talk to the son.

3/28/2003 - Case workers talk to Giefer, who admits he hit his son.

5/19/2003 - Complaint against Giefer for Domestic Assault and Malicious Punishment of a child filed and signed by Blue Earth County Sheriff's Deputy Will Purvis.

6/4/2003 - Giefer is released on conditions for domestic assault by Blue Earth County Judge Kurt D. Johnson.

- Giefer fulfills the terms and conditions of his diversion program for the domestic assault against his son.

10/2004 - Giefer is officially self-employed by Giefer Towing and Service

1/25/2006 - Giefer charged with petty misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct after verbally attacking Vernon Center Police Chief Kyle Huber over a towing dispute.

4/27/2006 - The Giefers buy 102 N. West Street, site of Giefer's garage.

3/2007 - Jeremy Giefer conceives a child out of wedlock with Sarah Kruse. Kruse says their relationship lasted five months.

5/2007 - Giefer is told he can no longer coach baseball team because he's a sex offender

6/2007 - Giefer stops working for Reynolds Welding Supply

11/20/2007 - Giefer submits pardon application

11/27/2007 - Will Purvis writes a letter in support of Giefer's pardon request.

11/28/2007 - Mark Streit writes a letter in support of Giefer's pardon request.

- Susan Stoltzman writes a letter in support of Giefer's pardon request.

12/17/2007 - Assistant Blue Earth County Attorney Patrick McDermott sends an email raising no objection to Giefer's pardon request.

- Child is born to Sarah Kruse and Jeremy Giefer

- District Court Judge Kurt D. Johnson signs letter raising no objection to Giefer's pardon request.

4/16/2008 - Board of Pardons grants pardons extraordinary to Stacy Jo Hope (Butard) and Christopher Saffle for their convictions of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Fourth Degree.

4/21/2008 - Giefers buy 102 E Poplar St., future site of Susan Giefer's daycare business.

7/4/2010 - Giefer is involved in an incident at Pumpkinland Farm in which he and other men persuade an on-duty police officer to threaten a drunk woman with arrest unless she shows the men her breasts.

- The officer involved in the Pumpkinland incident, Steven Patrick Boyle, is charged with Misconduct By A Public Official.

9/2008 -- Giefer's harassment of Sarah Kruse begins, according to a restraining order she later filed.

- Susan Giefer is first licensed for Family Child Care center

10/21/2008 - Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and the Board of Pardons grants pardon extraordinary to Jeremy Giefer.

2007/2008 - Giefer allegedly begins getting oral sex from his daughter

2008/2009 - Giefer allegedly puts his daughter on birth control.

3/24/2009 - Sarah Kruse requests a restraining order against Giefer

3/26//2009 - Sarah Kruse is granted a temporary (7-day) restraining order against Giefer.

- Sarah Kruse's request for a restraining order against Giefer is heard by Judge Norbert P. Smith in Blue Earth County District Court.

6/9/2009 - Sarah Kruse's request for a restraining order is granted.

- Susan Giefer's family child care license is renewed.

11/16/2010 - 9 a.m.- Giefer's 16-year-old daughter tells a mandated reporter at her school that her father has been having sex with her.

11/16/2010 - 12:27 p.m.
- Giefer's daughter is interviewed by Detectives Billiar and Johnson.

11/17/2010 - Blue Earth County Human Services receives report of investigation that could impact Susan Giefer's childcare license.

11/18/2010 - Giefer is formally charged with 5 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree, 5 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Second Degree, one count of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Third Degree, and one count of Incest.

11/30/2010 - Mary Kelsey, Supervisor of the Division of Licensing for the Minnesota Department of Human Services, writes a letter effecting the immediate suspension of Susan Giefer's childcare license.

- Pawlenty sends a letter to the Blue Earth and Ramsey County Attorneys asking them to look into perjury charges against Giefer.

- Giefer re-arrested for violating terms of his release by trying to contact his daughter/accuser.

12/13/2010 - Giefer back in court, where County Attorney's office adds 12 more charges of child molestation.

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