Jeremy Becker, Cody Jensvold try to end feud using their cars, baseball bats

Cody Jensvold, Jeremy Becker: Reckless drivers, baseball-bat-swingers.

Cody Jensvold, Jeremy Becker: Reckless drivers, baseball-bat-swingers.

Jeremy Becker and Cody Jensvold, two 18-year-olds from St. Cloud, had an ongoing dispute with some other teenagers. Yesterday afternoon, they tried to end it by running the kids down with their car and chasing them with baseball bats.

There were no serious injuries in the brawl, which ended when St. Cloud police showed up, and also saw four other juveniles get arrested for disorderly conduct.

By the looks of his mugshot, Becker was having the time of his life.

Glancing over the police reports of the incident, Sergeant Martin Sayre summed up the incident pretty well for City Pages.

"What a mess," Sayre said.


According to the public police report, Jensvold and Becker each drove their cars at two 17 year old boys, chasing them down. When that failed, they both got out and chased after the kids with baseball bats. Fortunately for the targets, Jensvold and Becker are no better at swinging a bat than they are at driving.

Fortunately for everyone in St. Cloud, everyone got arrested, including two other juveniles who eventually joined in the melee. Jensvold and Becker got the worst of it -- probably because of the car and baseball bat stuff -- and are facing felony charges of second-degree assault, along with reckless driving and disorderly conduct.