Jeramiah Wall, fleeing State Patrol, kills himself and another driver

Wall fled a stop and blew through a red light before killing Deckert.
Wall fled a stop and blew through a red light before killing Deckert.

Jeramiah Wall, a 34 year old with a history of drunk driving, killed himself and another driver in an attempt to flee a State Patrolman at 1:00 Sunday morning.

Sara Deckert, 28, was pulling into an intersection when Wall blew through a red light and barreled into her car. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Wall was originally pulled over on Highway 81, and at some point during the stop the State Patrolman concluded Wall might be drunk. Wall fled the scene, and according to a witness, was still accelerating as his car slammed into Deckert's.
Deckert, 28, was a native of Buffalo.

Wall had a history of criminal driving.  In 2002, he was arrested for DWI, and convicted of criminal operation of a vehicle causing great bodily harm.

Since 2009, he'd convicted of speeding on highways and freeways three separate times.

State Patrol spokesman Eric Roeske couldn't confirm whether Wall was pursued as he fled the State Patrol officer. Roeske said additional details were not available, because in a case like Wall's, the officer involved will need to give a statement to another officer, rather than filing his own report.

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