Jennifer's Body comic? "I'm gonna try super hard to think about boobs now"


We've been following Diablo Cody's much-anticipated second movie, "Jennifer's Body" to see if she can live up to the "Juno" indie acclaim she received. Can she really pull off a horror-comedy flick about a cheerleader who is possessed and eats boys? The verdict is still out.

Not only is "Jennifer's Body" a movie, but there is a tie-in graphic novel too. Are we lucky or what? We can't get enough sexy naked cheerleader.

Some of the first pages were released to ShockTillYouDrop, so check out the preview pages here and here.

Our first thoughts: The text is so bad we can't tell if it's written by a fifth grader or supposed to be so dumb it's funny. Check out this one-liner worth mentioning: "Damn it, Why can't I have normal, cool thoughts. Screw this, I'm gonna try super hard to think about boobs now."

So enlightening.

We particularly enjoyed reading the article's comments:

"Who drew this? A nine year old on meth?" "Looks like she shoved her hand up some dude's ass"