Jenn Sterger threatens to "go public" on Brett Favre

Jenn Sterger's manager says that unless the National Football League punishes Brett Favre over the sexting scandal involving the former Jets sideline host, she'll "go public."

Phil Reese tells TMZ that the evidence Sterger handed over to NFL investigators a few weeks ago "provided extensive evidence that irrefutably proves there was harassment."

If that's not enough evidence to prompt the NFL to act, she's ready to come forward in public with plenty more, including photographs, in an effort to clear her name.

The threat follows some speculation from NFL insider Peter King on Monday that Favre's off the hook because the league can't irrefutably link the Vikings quarterback to the penis pictures he's alleged to have sent Sterger.

I'm hearing, as I said on NBC Sunday night, that it's likely Brett Favre won't be suspended for his alleged contact with former Jets sideline host Jenn Sterger, and he may not get sanctioned for it at all. The league is expected to announce a decision on Favre either this week or next.

Will Favre dodge the bullet?

"We sincerely hope the league does the right thing," Reese says.

The Favre File:

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