Jenn Sterger goes deep with NFL on Brett Favre [UPDATE]

The former Jets sideline host huddled with NFL security officials.

The former Jets sideline host huddled with NFL security officials.

Just as Brett Favre seems to be getting back in the groove, the story about his itchy cell phone thumb is back in play.

Jenn Sterger spent three hours yesterday with NFL security officials, going into detail about Favre's alleged, unwanted sexting come-ons.

Update: Add this to the mix. Favre says he's done playing at the end of this season. More after the jump.


He shook his head and said, "No," when asked by Steve Mariucci on the NFL Network whether he'd be back in 2011.

Meanwhile, Sterger's interview is the final piece of a puzzle that started when Deadspin published voicemails and penis pictures that it said came from Favre's phone, back when he played for the Jets in 2008. Sterger was a sideline host at the time.

The married father of two admitted to the NFL in October that he left messages for Sterger, but he denied sending the photos.

Sterger's lawyer, Joseph Conway, told the New York Post that his client went deep with the NFL, "a substantial amount beyond what had already been reported." Her manager, Phil Reese, said Sterger handed over "substantial materials."

This is bad news for Favre on several fronts, quite aside from the unholy mess it must be playing with his family life.

The most obvious and immediate issue is whether the NFL will look at the evidence and decide to punish the Vikings quarterback for violating league rules. That could mean a suspension a-la Ben Roethlisberger, sack his record-breaking streak as a starter, and bury the 3-5 Vikings deeper in chaos.

Then there's the matter of what Sterger may do off the NFL playing field. Those "substantial materials" might mean that she's laying the groundwork for a civil lawsuit. Conway, a former prosecutor, hasn't indicated that's in his playbook. Yet.

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