Jenn Sterger calls Brett Favre incident "humiliating" [UPDATE: VIDEO]

Jenn Sterger kept her silence about the Brett Favre sexting scandal for months, but she's talking now, and saying the firestorm of publicity over Favre's unwanted advances was humiliating and embarrassing.

"I haven't made a dime off anything in this whole situation. Not from the pictures. Not from Favre. I never wanted to sue anyone," she told ABC News. "I'm not a gold-digger."

She talked to George Stephanopoulos, adding that Favre began contacting her after a Jets employee gave the quarterback her phone number.

"I was approached one day at the beginning of the pre-season games by a man wearing a Jets badge, employee badge, who asked me, 'How would you feel if Brett Favre asked for your phone number? What would you say?' And I just looked at him, my usual smartass self. And I said, 'I'd say I like my job an awful lot. And I've been told I look remarkably like his wife,'" said Sterger. She said she walked away without giving the man her number and thought "that was the end of it."

Deadspin broke the Favre story last year, publishing text messages and nude crotch shots that it said Favre sent to Sterger when he was the New York Jets quarterback and she was the team's sideline host in 2008. The story dogged Favre through the end of his final, disastrous season with the Vikings. In the end he admitted sending the text messages, but not the photos. And the NFL slapped him on the wrist with a $50,000 fine for stonewalling its investigation into the matter.

After working for the Jets, Sterger went on to host the Versus cable network's "Daily Line" show, but the show was canceled last October, supposedly over poor ratings. She's never filed a lawsuit against Favre, but she's now suing her former manager Phil Reese, whom she says refuses to return evidence from the sexting scandal. The two had planned a book about her ordeal, but she's evidently backing away from the gambit.

UPDATE: ABC has posted a short promo clip of the interview. Watch:

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