Jenkins sues Minneapolis police for beating caught on tape


Derryl Jenkins, the Brooklyn Center man who was stomped by Minneapolis police officers a year ago, is suing the city of Minneapolis and several officers for violating his civil rights and using excessive force.

Video footage of the incident and photos of the aftermath surfaced last summer, drawing scrutiny to the Minneapolis police department. The video begins with officer Richard Walker pulling over Jenkins. After some apparent confusion, a struggle ensues and Walker pulls Jenkins' jacket over his head. Several other officers soon arrive and join in.

Watching the video, it's impossible to tell what caused the initial struggle. The civil complaint states that Jenkins was confused by Walker's directions and tried to exit his car.

This was not the right move.

The video shows about five minutes of the officers punching and kicking Jenkins. He was beaten so thoroughly that he defecated himself, according to the complaint.

Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan released a statement after the video surfaced saying officer Walker seemed to be acting appropriately, though he was "concerned" about the behavior of the responding officers. Dolan sent the video to the FBI to be reviewed.

Sgt. Jesse Garcia, Minneapolis police spokesman, says the department "can't comment on ongoing litigation."

From the civil complaint, filed in federal court Monday:

Plaintiff suffered and will continue to suffer mental and emotional injuries from the vicious attack. He has received professional treatment for those injuries. Notably, he has a complete distrust of the police and their wrongful motivations, whether racial or otherwise. His diagnoses related to this injury are acute stress disorder with panic symptoms and aggravation of pre-existing mental disorders, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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