Jeffrey Trevino's Appeal of Murder Conviction Fails

He'll continue to serve out his 27 and a half year prison sentence

He'll continue to serve out his 27 and a half year prison sentence

Convicted murderer Jeffrey Trevino isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Yesterday a judge in Ramsey County Court shot down all four of the arguments Trevino's lawyer made in appealing his October 2013 conviction for unintentionally murdering his wife Kira and then dumping her body in the Mississippi River.

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The judge found the jury:

  • Received proper instructions
  • The evidence the state presented was sufficient enough to uphold the conviction
  • The second-degree murder charge was properly applied
  • The court had the right to increase his sentence because he hid Kira's body
Back in October 2013 the jury acquitted Jeffrey Trevino of intentional murder; instead it decided he was fighting Kira and accidentally killed her on February 21, 2013. Then, after he killed her, the jury decided he dumped her body in the Mississippi River, where it was found May 8.

Jeffrey's sentence was increased to 27 and a half years -- nearly twice the recommended maximum sentence for second-degree unintentional murder -- because he was convicted of concealing Kira's body.

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