Jeffrey Trevino jurors went "back and forth on convicting him of anything"

Jurors say the decision to convict Jeffrey of Kira's murder wasn't an easy one.
Jurors say the decision to convict Jeffrey of Kira's murder wasn't an easy one.

Yesterday, Jeffrey Trevino was found guilty of killing his wife Kira -- unintentionally. He was acquitted on a separate charge of murder with intent. In other words, jurors ruled Trevino intended to harm but not kill Kira during an assault sometime during the overnight hours of February 21-22 that culminated in her death.

Some are dissatisfied with that verdict, but it turns out that jurors seriously considered acquitting Trevino of all charges during their two-day, 17-hour deliberation.

One of the jurors, St. Paul resident Brandon Wilson, told the Pioneer Press the main question considered during deliberations was, "Did he intend to do it, or was it an accident?"

Ultimately, Wilson said he felt "the state didn't show enough evidence that he did."

"We went kind of back and forth on convicting him of anything, really," he continued, adding that jurors concluded Trevino used a pillow to try to quiet Kira during an altercation but ended up smothering her.

Another juror, St. Paul resident Rachel Abraham, said she was convinced of Trevino's guilt (at least with regard to the unintentional homicide charge) by prosecutors' timeline of events, which ruled out the possibility that anybody else could've done it (despite suggestions to the contrary from Trevino's attorney). But she, like Wilson, didn't think the state proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Trevino intended to kill his wife, who was having an affair with another man at the time of her disappearance.

"It was just speculation, what happened in that room," Abraham said.

Jeffrey Trevino faces a maximum of 40 years in prison, but could receive more time than that if a judge concludes that aggravating factors apply in his case. One factor of that sort could be Trevino's effort to dispose of Kira's body following her murder, the PiPress reports.

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