Jeffrey Trevino found guilty of unintentionally murdering wife, Kira

Jeffrey Trevino
Jeffrey Trevino

:::: UPDATE :::: Jeffrey Trevino jurors went "back and forth on convicting him of anything"

Today, a Ramsey County jury convicted Jeffrey Trevino of a count of second-degree murder without intent to kill in connection with the death of his wife, Kira.

THE BACKSTORY: Jeffrey Trevino's attorney raises possibility Kira was murdered during pot deal gone awry

Trevino was found not guilty, however, of a separate charge of murder with intent to kill. As WCCO explains, this means the jury "found that Trevino did kill his wife but that it wasn't his plan." In other words, jurors ruled he intended to harm but not kill her during an assault sometime during the overnight hours of February 21-22. (Kira's body was found in May.)

During the murder trial, prosecutors argued Jeffrey's motive was the rage he felt about Kira having an affair as their marriage fell apart. Trevino's defense countered that the evidence against him was nothing more than circumstantial and raised the possibility Kira was killed during a drug deal gone awry (see link above).

Fox 9 had a reporter at the courtroom as the verdict was announced:

KARE's Boua Xiong reports Trevino will be sentenced November 25. He faces a maximum of 40 years in prison.

Meanwhile, some, such as MPR's Bob Collins, questioned the rationale behind the jury's conclusion that Jeffrey didn't mean to kill his wife:

WCCO producer Tracy Perlman explained it thusly:

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