Jeffrey Trevino charged with murdering his wife, Kira; investigators found "copious" blood

According to Kira's mom, Kira and Jeffrey had been having marital problems before her daughter went missing last Friday.
According to Kira's mom, Kira and Jeffrey had been having marital problems before her daughter went missing last Friday.

Investigators still don't have a body, but prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to convict Jeffrey Trevino of murdering his wife.

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Today, Trevino was charged with second-degree murder. According to the account of events presented in the criminal complaint, Trevino brutally murdered his wife, Kira, then tried to cover it up.

WCCO details how investigators first became suspicious of Trevino:

Jeff Trevino, 39, first reported his wife missing to St. Paul Police on Sunday morning, saying that she was suffering "a midlife crisis."

When her car was discovered in a parking ramp Friday morning with her not around, St. Paul Police say they saw evidence of blood along the rim of the trunk, and also found a trunk liner nearby that also had blood on it. Her cell phone and purse were found inside.

On Monday, investigators executed a search warrant at the Trevinos' St. Paul home. The Pioneer Press describes what they found:

A search warrant of the home found "copious amounts" of blood.

"Forensic examiners found blood on the floor, box spring mattress, bed frame, book shelf, closet door, baseboard trim and west wall," the complaint said.

The wooden frame of the box spring on the bed was broken. The carpet revealed a blood stain in the shape of a head and torso, and there were large amounts of blood in the living room floor, hallway and bathroom, the landing at the top of the basement stairs, the basement floor and in the front of the washing machine.

There was also evidence that someone had tried to do extensive cleanup. Police found bleach-stained towels, a bottle of bleach spray cleaner, a mop and bucket and a carpet cleaner with blood on its wheels and brush area.

"Based on training and experience, a forensic scientist with the BCA opined that the blood spatter evidence is consistent with more than one forceful blow to the victim," the complaint said.

The criminal complaint suggests Jeffrey drove his wife's car to the Mall of America on Friday morning -- Kira worked at Delia's clothing store -- then took a cab home as part of his effort to cover up the murder.

Jeffrey and Kira had been together for eight years and married for three, but things apparently weren't going well -- according to the criminal complaint, Kira recently told family members she was unhappy and thinking of leaving her husband. Family members interviewed by investigators said they didn't know Jeffrey that well despite his nearly decade-long relationship with Kira.

Trevino's bail has been set at $1 million.

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