Jeff Weise and the Clinique Cops

The price of intensive therapy? Astronomical. Of banning eyeliner? Why, nearly free!

The PiPress's homepage today carries a contradictory pair of disjointed messages about teens and violence. The top tale, complete with a full-color photo of a sneering young goth, announces that White Bear Lake has "drawn the line" on eyeliner.

A White Bear teenager's heavy use of eyeliner at school this week pitted him against school administrators who argue that the look is a distraction to learning and could be interpreted as violent.

A little further down the page, we hear--finally--about the precarious state of Red Lake High School shooter Weise's mental health and the absolute lack of help he got for his extensive problems. 

One area that federal authorities will not be investigating, though, is the adequacy of the mental health care that Weise received, Heffelfinger said. Family members and psychiatrists have said Weise's life was one risk factor piled atop another, and that he should have had intensive therapy.

Online, he had written about being physically and verbally abused as a child, and family members have said they knew of some of it. As a youth, he had been moved from the reservation to the Twin Cities and back again. In the short span of 19 months, he lost his father to suicide and saw his mother placed in a long-term care facility after suffering brain damage in a car crash.

He attempted suicide last summer, and after being diagnosed with depression, he was prescribed Prozac, an antidepressant. Cook said Weise's daily dosage was doubled to 60 milligrams a day ? considered a heavy dose for an adolescent ? two weeks before the shootings.

Just in case you haven't gotten your daily dose of cognitive dissonance.

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