Jeff Wagner crashes mayoral forum [VIDEO]

Jeff Wagner crashes mayoral forum [VIDEO]

In his most recent campaign video, Jeff Wagner is literally a jerk off. On Tuesday night, some might argue he was the same thing figuratively. Others might say he was just plain ol' entertaining.

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Minneapolis's quirkiest candidate for mayor crashed an otherwise staid and sparsely attended mayoral forum at St. Thomas's downtown law school campus. Wagner wasn't invited to debate alongside the "serious" candidates, so at one point he simply walked to the front of the lecture hall and grabbed a mic.

Here's a transcription of Wagner's ensuing rant, followed by the raw video (for the Wagner bit, fast forward to the 1:20 mark):

There are 380,000 people in Minneapolis and where the heck are they? There are only 47 that are watching this. This is a complete disgrace.

People are letting media and money control their mind. Every one of these [candidates] is trying to do the right thing, even though you never know what is behind the curtain, kinda like a game show, but, uh, it's very sad -- media and money control what people vote for, and that's it, they are just kinda like sheep and it's very sad.

[The "serious" candidates] are, uh, trying to get their message out, even though I don't agree with some of the messages, um, but... my name is Jeff Wagner, I'm a candidate for mayor of Minneapolis, and, um, all I want to do right now, is just walk up -- it's kinda like a game show... and check out our new music video, "Rogue Anthem," because we are the rogue!

We give Wagner props for crashing the forum, but what the h-e-double hockey sticks was he talking about? That rant was like something a drunk self-proclaimed Marxist would inflict upon you at a college house party.

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