Jeff Larson's RNC host committee sued for contract breach

The RNC host committee is being sued for $760,000 after failing to pay a commission on funds raised for the convention, the Huffington Post is reporting in a late-breaking story.

The committee is headed by Jeff Larson, the longtime moneybags for the local GOP, who was named by City Pages as the most powerful local Republican, and he's mentioned as the antagonist by the plaintiff, 3 Dog.

"At first I thought it was greed," said Alan Weinblatt, the lawyer representing 3 Dog, when asked to explain what happened. "But that doesn't explain it. Because what are they going to do with our money? So then I thought, what else could it be? Just reading the emails... there seems to have developed some antagonism between Mr. Larson and 3 Dog. I think he began to believe that he could do this without them. So he said, 'Why should I pay them a four percent commission?'"

Thanks to HuffPo, you can read the complaint here. For those who don't want to go through the legalese, here's the gist: The RNC agreed to pay a 4% commission to 3 Dog on contributions it raised for the convention. Since the RNC collected $35 million, 3 Dog thinks its owed $1.4 million. But the RNC allegedly paid just $684,000. Just a run of the mill business dispute?

... But there are some potentially far-reaching implications to the complaint. For starters, its executive director, Jeff Larson, is one of the GOP's key behind-the-scenes players. Beyond being tasked with raising money for the convention, he is a conservative campaign guru, and, most infamously, provided a cheap-rental apartment for former Sen. Norm Coleman and bought the pricey clothes used by Sarah Palin during the '08 campaign.

The lawsuit was filed in Ramsey County Court back on January 2, 2009--almost three full months ago. So why are we first hearing about it now from the Huffington Post at 5:30 p.m. on March 30? Were all the courts reporters laid off or something? 

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