Jeff Kolodzinski tries to break his own record for most fish caught in 24 hours

Jeff Kolodzinski holds the record-breaking fish from last year.

Jeff Kolodzinski holds the record-breaking fish from last year.

Jeff Kolodzinski, the former Twin Cities resident who set the Guinness World Record for most fish caught in a 24-hour period last year, is trying to break his own mark today. 

Last year on July 30, Kolodzinski sat on the dock at Maynard's Restaurant on Lake Minnetonka and stayed there until he'd caught 2,143 fish -- or maybe the same stupid fish 2,143 times -- to set a new world record for speed and stamina. At that rate, Kolodzinski was catching one and a half fish per minute, all day and all night.

Banking on the fact that the fish in Lake Minnetonka haven't learned a thing since that day,  Kolodzinski has come back. Starting at 11 a.m., Kolodzinski, who now lives in Milwaukee, will be casting from the same spot to try and break his own record during Fishing for Life's Fish-A-Thon, a charity event that should probably renamed Jeff Kolodzinski Catches A Ton of Fish.

Kolodzinski told the Pioneer Press the trick is his simple rod and reel, which allow him to bait, catch, and release the fish rapidly.


Kolodzinski says there's really only one downside to the fishing marathon.

"It is hard for me to stand the smell sometimes," he told the Pioneer Press, "with all the fish slime maggot guts."

Kolodzinski's not the only one angling for the record this year. Dennis Salmela of Moose Lake is trying to break the record at Sand Lake, and Mitch Petrie of Plymouth is defying all logic by trying for the record while fishing on the same dock as Kolodzinski. If Petrie is anywhere near as quick as Kolodzinski, this will be a very weird day for the fish in Lake Minnetonka.

Kolodzinski, of course, works for a tackle company called Frabill. Frabill is actually broadcasting a livestream of the event on its website, so if you need to kill some time in the next 24 hours, you know where to find Jeff Kolodzinski.