Jeff Dubay to enter pre-trial diversion program, woman kicks police officer in the groin

Friday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: 

Jeff Dubay, the former KFAN talk-show host, was fired from the station after being charged with felony drug possession after allegedly tossing crack cocaine and a pipe from his car in October. Now he's getting a second chance. Dubay will enter a pre-trial diversion program. If he completes the program, the fifth-degree controlled substance charge will be dismissed.

Idiot alert: Don't kick police in the balls


A St. Cloud woman faces charges of assaulting an officer after she kicked him in the groin as he tried to escort her out of a bar. This was at about 2:20 a.m. Why did she want to stay in the bar so badly? No more booze to drink. 

Check out the paper's picks for best new bars of the year, including The W and Barrio. We find it pretty sad that several of the "best new bars" in town are actually just classic TC bars adding new locations. Creativity, people! It's a good thing. 

With the merge of Hennepin County and Minneapolis libraries, the fee policies will be changing for library users. Check out the explanation so you don't get screwed for checking out free books. 

They aren't cheap and no one wants to donate to the cause. St. Paul's Mears Park has a display this year designed by an artist with about 150,000 lights and illuminated animal figures. The cost? $32,000. A slimmed down version could be staged next year for $16,000, a city official estimates.

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