Jeff Dubay says he started using crack after his brother slept with his wife

Dubay says his nearly three-year period of crack use came to an end in March 2011.
Dubay says his nearly three-year period of crack use came to an end in March 2011.

Jeff Dubay had a 10-year run as one of the foremost sports talk voices in the Twin Cities, but it came to an abrupt end when he was charged with felony drug possession after he tossed crack cocaine out the window of his vehicle while being pursued by police in October 2008.

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Dubay's drug problem didn't end there -- during the first half of 2009, he tested positive for cocaine use 12 times and no-showed 11 urine tests. But he says he's been clean for nearly two years, and now he's speaking out about the chain of events that culminated in his life being consumed by crack.

In an interview with Mpls.St. Paul Magazine, Steve Marsh asked Dubay about the "family tragedy" that preceded his crack use. His response:

My brother slept with my wife. They're still together and they have a kid. We can go on the record, but let me make this clear: It was not the cause of my addiction. The cause of my addiction was bad decisions. My addiction is my responsibility.

Here's an excerpt from the interview (to read the whole thing, click here):

Do you have a relationship with your brother? For two years, I almost pretended like it didn't happen. And I was chummy-chummy with him. Then all of the sudden I got sober and I realized, "I'm pissed!" Now I don't talk to him. I didn't exactly handle this in a healthy way...

You were a weekend warrior? When I was contemplating whether or not to use it that first time, I thought, you know what, you've never done anything wrong in your life, you've had a brutal year, you make enough money, it's Friday night, if you take a 24- or 48-hour mental vacation, don't you deserve it? If I would have known that it was a three-year rabbit hole and not a two-day rabbit hole, I never would've done it...

Do you ever think you were in for a hellish time after your divorce no matter what? I wonder what would've happened if I wouldn't have picked crack cocaine. A month later I could've picked heroin. Or maybe I would've just committed suicide. Or just gone insane from depression. I stood on a ledge a couple times, but I couldn't do it. They pulled me out of a garage once. The first year of sobriety is maybe the hardest year. I was on Xanax for like two months and it made me a mental case. So I just said f--- it, I'm going to have an organic recovery. They said, "but you'll feel so bad!" And my answer was, if I don't feel shitty right now, when am I ever going to feel shitty? So I just said I'm just going to feel it all and just go do it. It was a lot to feel, but I still think it was the right thing to do.

Dubay has been co-hosting AM1500's morning show this week with Judd Zulgad. The Star Tribune writes that "Many people think the week is an audition for future work at the station, which has recently juggled its lineup." In the MSP interview, Marsh notes that Dubay was recently passed over for a job with K-TWIN, and asks him: "Would you move to another market?" Dubay says no because he wouldn't be good talking sports in a city where he didn't grow up cheering for the teams, but admits: "I don't have a great plan."

No matter what happens with his born-again radio career, it's great to learn Dubay is clean and openly discussing a stretch of his life that sounds about as brutal and depressing as any imaginable, short of someone dying.

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