Jeff Dubay quits Twitter, threatens to fight trolls who "took addiction cheap shots"

Dubay wants a piece of the trolls.
Dubay wants a piece of the trolls.

People on Twitter were not nice to Jeff Dubay after he outed himself as a global warming denier during his ESPN 1500 radio show last Friday. ("It's a myth, it's a conspiracy, it's a left-wing conspiracy," Dubay said during a brief discussion about climate change with KSTP meteorologist Patrick Hammer that morning.)

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As we told you about in our blog post about the controversy, some connected Dubay's history as a crack addict with his staunch belief that "weather stats prove nothing" because global warming believers use inadequate sample sizes. To take one example, "This is your brain on drugs," one person tweeted at him.

Dubay was upset about tweets like that. In fact, he was so bothered that on Saturday, he said he's quitting Twitter, and in his "final tweet," he challenged the trolls giving him a hard time to ball up and save their cheap shots for next time they see him in person.

Here's what he said:

Being trolled typically isn't any fun, but here's some friendly advice from someone who has dealt with his fair share of internet instigators over the years -- that block button on Twitter comes in awfully handy sometimes, even if clicking it isn't as satisfying as landing a right hook. You know, out of sight, out of mind, and you'll remain employed to boot.

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