Jeff Dubay outs himself as a global warming denier

Dubay: Global warming is a "left-wing conspiracy."
Dubay: Global warming is a "left-wing conspiracy."

:::: UPDATE :::: Jeff Dubay quits Twitter, threatens to fight trolls who "took addiction cheap shots"

On the 1500 ESPN radio show he co-hosts with Judd Zulgad, Jeff Dubay today outed himself as a global warming denier.

Dubay and Zulgad were discussing the weather forecast with KSTP meteorologist Patrick Hammer when Hammer noted the contrast between the weather during the 2009 State Fair -- temps were in the 60s or 70s every day that year, Hammer claimed -- and the scorching conditions folks have had to endure this year.

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Zulgad then posed this fateful question to the meteorologist -- "Do we attribute this to something, by the way? Is this the global warming... polar bears are dying sort of thing?"

In response, Hammer jokingly asked whether they had "four hours so we can get into this," but Dubay quickly interjected that "it doesn't take four hours to tell me that global warming is a myth."

"It's a myth, it's a conspiracy, it's a left-wing conspiracy," Dubay continued. "It's not real."

Then, without irony, he added, "It's been disproven by science, alright?" (For background about just how absurd this claim is, check out this post on Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen's climate-change denial.)

If you'd like to hear the audio for yourself, click here and listen to the final minutes of the second hour of the August 30 show.

Dubay took a lot of heat on Twitter for his comments. Here's some of the blow-by-blow:

And of course, some couldn't resist the temptation to hit Dubay below the belt by bringing up his struggles with crack:

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