Jeff Dubay blasts Bob Collins on the radio, calls him a "cheap-shot artist and a chump"

Dubay's Bob Collins rant was WWE-worthy.
Dubay's Bob Collins rant was WWE-worthy.

-- Update at bottom --

On his 1500 ESPN radio show today, Jeff Dubay directly addressed the shot Bob Collins took at him on Twitter this morning.

THE BACKSTORY: MPR's Bob Collins takes cocaine shot at Jeff Dubay after Dubay calls for Kill's resignation

Collins, MPR's news blogger, tweeted: "If the face of your radio station is a cocaine addict, the face of your football program can be a guy with epilepsy." He was responding to Dubay's outspoken stance that if Gophers football coach Jerry Kill's seizures cannot be brought under control once and for all, then U of M administrators "need to make a change."

Suffice it to say that Collins' tweet left Dubay a wee bit rankled. Here's what he had to say to Collins this morning (to hear the audio for yourself, click here and listen to hour two of today's Judd & Dubay program beginning around the 6:30 mark):

This just came across on the City Pages. Apparently there is some idiot on MPR named Bob Collins who took a cocaine shot at me because I called for Kill's resignation? I have never once called for Kill's resignation!

Bob Collins -- number one, thanks for the cheap shop, I appreciate it. Secondly, get your facts straight, you idiot, before you go and throw stuff like this around. I have never once called for his resignation. I want the man to continue as the head coach at the U of M if he is physically able to. If he is not, then it's time for some serious discussion about his future. There should be some serious discussion about your future right now because you're nothing but a cheap-shot artist and a chump, Bob Collins.

Reads like a promo the Macho Man Randy Savage would've cut back in the day, doesn't it?

:::: UPDATE ::::

Collins and Dubay have kissed and made up, so to speak:

Dubay then asked Collins, "Are we good?" Here's more of the exchange from there:

Dubay went on to tell Collins he "might cry. This is getting ridiculous. Thanks for the great words. Couldn't feel worse about my outburst."

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