Jeff Backer enemies use swastika in attack posters

If there's any truth to the power of subliminal messaging, this probably isn't District 9 state Senate candidate Jeff Backer's ideal way to be making headlines.

Posters featuring the Republican and a picture of Adolph Hitler set to the backdrop of a swastika started appearing Friday in Browns Valley, a small town on the Minnesota-South Dakota border of which Backer is also the Mayor.

Since then, about 14 Nazi-themed Backer posters have been tallied. A few feature pictures of Backer wearing a Hitler-esk mustache, presumably not to leave any argument as to the artist's intended message.

KELOLAND has some footage of the signs:

So far, no one has taken credit for the signs. Backer's opponent, Keith Langseth, DFL-Glyndon, told reporters for the Fargo Forum that they weren't the handy work of his campaign. Backer and Langseth are writing the posters off as a tasteless prank and asking that everyone just move on.

But the Traverse County Sheriff's department might not be so forgiving. If caught, the culprits could face criminal charges.

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