Jealous rival denounces weather great Frankie MacDonald, no one buying

You can't stop Frankie MacDonald. You can only try to contain him.

You can't stop Frankie MacDonald. You can only try to contain him. Wikimedia

Southern California Weather Force, an internet service for people unacquainted with joy, responds to Frankie MacDonald, world’s greatest weatherman, predicts massive blizzard for Minnesota (SCWF's comment was met with almost universal resistance from Frankie loyalists):

If you really want to know how much snow you'll get in the MSP, ask a real meteorologist, like me. The snow-band is so thin that it'll bring a dusting to you and nothing more.

He is not the world's greatest weatherman. Let's be realistic here. He reads other forecasts and news and just pretends like he predicts it.

What he is is a weather relayer, a reporter, and nothing more and nothing less. Him mentioning Southern California's flooding a few days before it hit? Yeah, I took care of that on December 20th with a follow-up on the 27th, followed by continuous updates. He didn't predict what I already had predicted.

What Frankie MacDonald is to many is simply this: He is a guy with autism and those with children that have it can relate to him and have a friendship due to this. They see their own children in him and say he is the best at predicting, even though it is not true. They're simply babying someone with a young and defenseless mind.

Frankie does funny videos. I'll give him that. But in no way is he the best weatherman. He reports what actual weather people have predicted.

People are doing him more harm than good by filling his head with things that are not true. He isn't a predictor; he is a reporter. That is all the value he has and will ever have on YouTube and elsewhere. Just a likeable funny guy that reports weather forecasts he finds online and does funny videos.

In no way does he amount to scientist potential, and those of you filling his head are doing him harm. If one day he looks at himself and realizes what I have said, he would know you all lied to him.

Mostly probably liberals are doing this to him. You believe everyone should be equal at the finish line, when in reality everyone is equal at the starting line, with winners and losers at the end. Frankie has won in funny videos, but he has never, nor will ever, have the brain-power to be an actual meteorologist right now.