Jay Leno pokes fun at Minnesota newspaper during Headlines segment [VIDEO]

Leno thinks using your iPad to play solitaire should not be considered "high-tech."
Leno thinks using your iPad to play solitaire should not be considered "high-tech."

On Monday night, Jay Leno tried to get some laughs at the expense of the Fergus Falls Daily Journal. But because his joke wasn't that funny, he had to settle for consolation claps instead.

Leno poked fun at the Journal while running down absurd newspaper content from throughout the nation in his Headlines segment.

In a recent story titled "Library goes high-tech," the Journal features a large photo of a youngster named Isaac playing with his iPad. But instead of using the gadget to do some sort of technologically impressive task, Isaac is depicted in the shot resting his head on his hand while playing solitaire.

"Look at Isaac putting the iPad to good use -- look, he's playing solitaire!" Leno quipped, eliciting a set of tepid laughs from the studio audience.

We guess there's some merit in being direct with your punchlines, but this joke probably could've used a bit more fleshing out.

In any event, Monday wasn't the first time the Fergus Falls Daily Journal had the "honor" of making it into Leno's Headlines. In September 2009, Leno mocked the Journal's "Here's Summer" cover photo featuring guys in winter coats in a boat.

A summer issue featuring dudes in winter coats in boats? Now that sounds like it has some real comedic potential.

Anyway, here's video of Monday night's Headlines segment. For the Fergus Falls bit, fast forward to about 1:50:

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