Javaris Eugene Milton convicted in Dontae Johnson's murder

Dontae D. Johnson was shot dead on a north Minneapolis street last Jan. 2, the first murder victim of the year. Javaris Eugene Milton was arrested six days later and charged with first degree murder and attempted first degree murder in the killing.

Today he was found guilty on both counts.

Johnson was cruising North Side streets the night of Jan. 2 with a friend in his van, hoping to sell some weed to a cousin. Instead, a black SUV pulled up behind the van parked near Sixth and Dowling. Milton hopped out of the SUV showing a 9mm Luger, and got into the van.

"Give me the shit," he said, demanding the drugs, and pulling out a second gun.

Johnson and his friend handed over the weed, the van keys, and cash. They both climbed out of the van. And then Milton opened fire.

Police arrived to find the van parked in the middle of the street, its doors hanging open, Johnson's friend wounded but on his feet, and Johnson face-down and unresponsive. Medics declared him dead at the scene.

Milton will sentenced next week.

Download and read the criminal complaint here.

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