Jason Stowers drives Hummer across NDSU after John Mayer concert


A 37-year-old Minnesota man is accused of driving his yellow Hummer across the North Dakota State University campus Thursday, hitting a number of objects and fending off students who tried to stop him. All the better: He did it following a John Mayer concert. Dang! Maybe the "Men with Tiny Dicks" club is revolting over GM's announcement to end the Hummer era. Hide your children!

Jason John Stowers was charged with reckless endangerment, a felony. When police came to the scene, they saw Stowers driving on a campus sidewalk. Students had been running up to car trying to open the door and pull him out while other people tried to clear the crowds nearby.

Before police arrived, Stowers apparently hit a tree and got out of the car. He told witnesses they should get in the car so they "could all get away." He hit at least two poles, two trees, pavilion steps and a 9/11 plaque. Police say he was "lethargic and confused" when they found him.