Jason Rolloff goes from prosecutor to convicted lurker

The women using the dressing rooms at Nu Look consignment store at 50th and Penn got creeped-out by a lurker with a camera phone last November. And it turns out the perp was a former Morrison County assistant prosecutor.

Jason Rolloff, 34, was convicted yesterday in Hennepin County Court on the lurking charge, as well as invasion of privacy and disorderly conduct.

Police say he hid in one of the dressing rooms while women changed clothes in another and pointed a cell phone camera over the wall. One half-naked woman saw the camera and screamed, and Rolloff ran from the building.

But security cameras snapped the action, and later he admitted he was the guy in the pictures. He was put on administrative leave in December and resigned his post, with its $62,420 salary, in February.

Rolloff's isn't just a failed peeping Tom. He's not much good as a defense attorney either. He opted to represent himself in his trial, turning down a plea deal. Now he awaits sentencing in November.

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