Jason Litzau channels Tiger Woods in Celestino Caballero victory prance

St. Paul native Jason Litzau post-victory.

St. Paul native Jason Litzau post-victory.

The odds were 13 to 1 that St. Paul native Jason Litzau would beat Celestino Caballero, the 2008 WBA Super Bantamweight world champion. But Litzau silenced the skeptics at the MGM Grand Saturday, pulling out a huge upset victory by a split decision.

Litzau grew up in East St. Paul and has been named "Best Boxer" in CP's Best of the Twin Cities several times -- most recently in 2008.


Caballero, a 34-year-old Panamanian fighter, was angling for a bout with more elite featherweights like Juan Manuel Lopez and Yuriorkis Gamboa, but his promoter accepted the Litzau challenge like it was charity work. Caballero also had some pretty cocky things to say about Litzau beforehand:

All this plus his last minute struggle to make weight suggested that he was not taking Litzau seriously.

So imagine his surprise when he found himself in a boxing match.

As the score would ultimately mirror, the two fighters proved an even match and went back and forth for a tense ten rounds. By the end of it, Caballero had earned himself a bit of a shiner, but not the judges's ultimate favor. The final score went 97-93 and 96-94 for Litzau, with one judge calling it for Caballero 94-96.

Litzau, understandably elated afterward, lauds his new workout routine in Stillwater. But then he's caught on tape charmingly (not) bragging that he's going to "be like Tiger Woods" with his girl if this earns him the fame he's been chasing since he went pro in 2002.

Easy boy. You need the Nike deal first.