Jason Lewis's mid-show quitting stunt wasn't quite as spontaneous as it seemed [AUDIO]

Last Thursday, veteran Twin Cities-based conservative radio host Jason Lewis up and quit mid-show, right after wrapping up a rant summarizing his anti-taxes political philosophy.

It certainly seemed spontaneous. But reached for comment later, Andrew Lee, executive producer at Twin Cities New Talk AM1130 -- the station on which Lewis's syndicated show was heard locally -- says station brass knew Thursday was Lewis's last show all along.

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"He is legit retiring, [but we] did not know the manner in which he was going to announce, so the 'quitting' was a surprise," Lee says.

Here's the raw audio, followed by a transcript of Lewis's manifesto:

All over the continent of Europe there are castles. castles that children are taught to admire. But these monuments are not shrines to liberty, but a stark reminder of an oppressive past that we are quickly forgetting. These elaborate fortresses were built to honor the riches of royalty. Such wealth was not derived from the cooperation of capitalism but from the conquest of collectivism. It was stolen through taxes and fees collected from the serfs. It was not earned.

We have apparently learned little from history, for today we have our own royalty dressed up in the robes of compassion -- a false altruism that merely enables the mob and crushes the individual. We have erected a shrine called the welfare state and as a result we now resemble a nation with more takers than makers -- crony capitalists who preach the virtue of community service while acting like economic parasites that live off the system. Indeed, the real entrepreneurs are no longer valued, only the political ones who loathe them. Profit is a dirty word, while one's obligation to society relegates the most productive to second-class status. We are, it seems, endlessly told to live for others, endlessly told taxes are patriotic. We're told to apologize for our own existence. The pursuit of happiness has been replaced by the mandate of self sacrifice. This is not freedom. It is tyranny. And so, we -- I, you -- are faced with a choice. A choice all people in all times must make. To feed the beast, or to starve the beast? To host the parasite or to walk away? To participate in the system that punishes the value of your own existence, or to boycott that system?

Ladies and gentleman, I have now chosen the latter. They can now feed off one another. I quit...

And here's a paraody documentary Lewis produced that helps explain why he felt compelled to "quit":

As the video indicates, Lewis is getting out of the radio game to devote his energies to his membership-based libertarian website,

"Lewis who has long complained about the heavy hand of government is apparently living up to his word and is 'Going Galt' - a phrase derived from the iconic Ayn Rand novel 'Atlas Shrugged,'" a post written by "John Galt" on's blog says. "In the book, the 'producers' or 'men of the minds' - as the famed author put it - decide to go out on 'strike' as a protest against those who would attack them politically."

"We are extremely excited to have Jason pouring his considerable talent and efforts directly into building," the post continues. "We are more confident than ever that men (and women) "of the minds" will be seeking the refuge that provides to reorganize and reemerge with a plan to take back our country and the technology to make it effective."

Meanwhile, Lewis's former timeslot on AM1130 will be taken over by San Antonio-based Joe Pags, Lee tells us.

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