Jason Lewis, shady business, and the Republican Way

I worked for people who listened to The Jason Lewis Show. Here are their morals.

I worked for people who listened to The Jason Lewis Show. Here are their morals.

Reader Paige Turner responds to Rep. Jason Lewis belittles sexual harassment victims, may not like women:

I worked for a company whose four owners are white, male, conservative Republicans and had Lewis' radio show tuned in on the office radio on daily, so I know the views of this repugnant Republican.

(We also had to listen to Limbaugh and Hannity. GAG!)

Interestingly enough, this company ripped off their customers, vendors, sub-contractors and employees the last six months they were in business. I showed up for work one morning and the doors were chained shut from the outside. I guess the building owners did this after several months of non-payment on the lease.Come to find out many of their vendors and subs were suing them and there was a class action suit by over 100 of their customers who paid hefty down-payments of 50-75 percent for work never done.

Our payroll checks bounced twice during this time, but were eventually made good. However, we never got paid for the last week before the doors were chained.

Funny thing is, they were selling like mad and getting substantial deposits. They were not paying their vendors for products or anyone else, so where was the money going?

Well, all four drove expensive, high-end SUVs, paid for by the company as company vehicles. All four had beautiful McMansions in upscale neighborhoods. And the majority owner has a resort in Mexico! Hmmmm.

They then filed for bankruptcy and all of their debt was excused. That was eight years ago. All four now have executive jobs with other companies in the same industry as their company.

Someday, they will do it again, and I will be there to testify. It's disgusting what these four men did to so many people. But it is the Republican way!