Jason Lewis blames John McCain for Republicans losing the House

Jason Lewis is pretty sure he knows what lost him his seat in the United States House, and the answer may surprise you.

Jason Lewis is pretty sure he knows what lost him his seat in the United States House, and the answer may surprise you. Associated Press

When Republican Rep. Jason Lewis looked to the stars and wondered where, oh where his bid for reelection went wrong, one name emerged loud and clear: John McCain.

He said as much in an op-ed in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal. John McCain, former United States Senator/war hero, now deceased, lost Republicans the House.

In Lewis’ mind, it couldn’t have been that the good people of Minnesota’s 2nd District found his performance anything less than satisfactory. It couldn’t have been his tendency to parrot President Donald Trump’s party line even as the suburbs -- his constituents -- increasingly rejected him.

Nor could it have been the various resurfacing clips from his time as a conservative radio host, when he mused on the similarities between legalizing gay marriage and legalizing rape, and mourned the good old days when a man could call a woman a slut if he felt like it.

Nor could it have been the professionalism and prowess demonstrated by his Democratic opponent and Representative-elect, Angie Craig, who happens to be a woman married to another woman.

No, he says. This is all McCain’s fault.

House leadership had been keeping it together, he wrote, passing a new health care law meant to supplant the Obama-era Affordable Care Act. That was, until McCain’s “inscrutable” vote against ACA's repeal.

“McCain’s last-minute decision prompted a ‘green wave’ of liberal special-interest money,” he wrote, which gave the Democrats plenty of ammo to tell the nation that the Republican-controlled House attempted to “[gut] coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.”

McCain helped Democrats give Republicans in the House a bad name, he says, and now they’re paying for it. Specifically him. He’s paying for it.

Not everyone thinks it’s an airtight thesis.

“This is abhorrent,” McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, tweeted of the op-ed.

It probably didn’t help that the op-ed ran, of all days, on Veterans Day -- which Twitter was quick to point out to him when he sent his annual message of thanks to the nation’s war heroes.

If anyone out there was impressed by Lewis’ keen political analysis, good news: He’s going to be looking for work pretty soon.