Jason Kubel smashes onion rings en route to victory over Yankees

Note to the Yankees fan: Put the onion rings down before making the catch.

Note to the Yankees fan: Put the onion rings down before making the catch.

Not only does Jason Kubel lead the Twins in batting average, sporting a delicious .353 after five games, he's also waging psychological war against the Yankees.

Though he didn't score or drive in any runs last night, Kubel unleashed a sort of fury onto fan and foe alike.


In last night's thrilling 5-4 comeback victory over New York, Kubel, batting sixth, had a pair of singles for the night. But in the top half of the seventh, with the count 1-0, he drove a foul ball deep into the Yankees' left field seats... and smack dab into a fan's paper plate of onion rings. Left fielder Andruw Jones raced over to make the play, and was showered in a maelstrom of cold, greasy food.

[NOTE: There was--was!--a video on Vimeo linked here, that the good people at had isolated out, of Yankees announcers Michael Kay and John Flaherty expressing shock and dismay (and a bit of joy) at seeing Jones covered in onion rings. They also had a mini-debate as to whether they were fries or chicken nuggets, until replays revealed... rings! Maybe you can still see the video at Deadspin, but I doubt it.]

Kubel popped out to short eventually. But the damage was done: Jones struck out in the Yankees half of the frame, probably too shaken up to even concentrate on the pitch. And the Yankees proceeded to lose in tenth inning. Though there were heroes aplenty last night (Young drove in three runs; Mauer two), it's often the little details that win big battles. Considering the Twins' success in the Bronx--they're 7-31 under Gardy's tenure--any edge helps.