Jason Dominguez allegedly shot his friend 7 times then torched his trailer

Jason Dominguez shot a man seven times Tuesday morning, then tried to burn his trailer to the ground, according to a criminal complaint filed in Morrison County yesterday.

Dominguez went to a trailer park in Little Falls searching out his friend, Dustin Brown, who owed him money. Dominguez talked with his friend and had an argument, according to Dominguez's girlfriend. He then went home, picked up a semi-automatic pistol, and went back to Little Falls, where he shot Brown seven times, killing him. Then he tried to set the trailer on fire.

Police fingered Dominguez for the investigation based on multiple pieces of evidence, including witness statements alleging that a creep with one arm had been prowling the park.

Witnesses had seen Dominguez in the neighborhood, according to the complaint.

"Neighbors of the deceased reported that a one-armed man had been in the area looking for Brown." Dominguez has one arm.

Police were able to identify seven bullet casings outside the trailer. His girlfriend told them that Dominguez had thrown his shoes out the window on Highway 15, which police were able to recover.

His girlfriend told police she had dropped him off and picked him up. When she returned, Dominguez was covered in blood and told her, "I shot him seven times."

Later that morning, Dominguez asked his girlfriend to bury the gun, which she did. And then she led police to the pistol.

Dominguez stands charged with one count of second degree murder. He faces 40 years in prison if convicted.

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