Jason DeRusha's fake campaign enemies go negative (Video)

Could he win? Good question
Could he win? Good question

Watching from the sidelines as Fox 9's Robyne Robinson draws a boat load of media buzz after being asked to be Matt Entenza's running mate in the governor's race, WCCO's Jason DeRusha weighed in yesterday with some humor.

The Good Question man announced his (very short-lived) candidacy, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, for a seat in the Legislature, running on the Freedom and Happiness ticket (photo here).

Pretty soon, in a scenario similar to the perfect storm of "Jason DeRusha Day," someone made him a campaign sign, and then a campaign poster.

But politics ain't bean bag, and DeRusha's already been the target of a goofy -- and definitely not safe for work -- parody attack ad. Check it out with your headphones on:

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