Jason DeRusha speechless on TV after forgetting script [VIDEO OF THE DAY]

Jason DeRusha: Speechless.
Jason DeRusha: Speechless.

Maybe it was because he was updating his Twitter feed, or his Facebook status, or his blog, or penning another food column for that fancy magazine across town, but for whatever reason, WCCO's Jason DeRusha forgot to update his TV script this morning -- and hilarity ensued.

For those of looking elsewhere, the evening newscast's Good Question man has been taking one for the team the past few mornings, subbing in on the super early shows for Mike Binkley.

It was too early for DeRusha. He forgot to write the script for his 5:30 a.m. headlines. That meant that, after a commercial break when it came his time to read from the teleprompter, he had nothing to say.

"We write the headlines ... and clearly, I did not write that headline. We played 'Guess The Video.'"

Angela Davis and Mike Augustyniak can barely contain themselves.


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