Jason DeRusha is asked, "Why is there no White History Month?" Reply: Are you serious?


WCCO-TV's "Good Question" man, Jason DeRusha, says that he gets frequent e-mail requests from his audience asking some version of the question, "Why is there no White History Month?" Why doesn't he ask that question on the air?

Yesterday, he gave readers of his blog his answer: It's a bogus question:

Pretty much every month is white history month, so settle down.

It's not like during February, schools across the land stop teaching the history that involved white people.

Is there really anything wrong with taking a part of our nation's history that's been largely ignored (that of black Americans) and taking note of it? Why does it bother people so much?

If you don't care for it, ignore it. It's not a Good Question. Try harder.

Thank you, Jason. Very refreshing.

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