Jason Andersen, who shot Fong Lee, holding onto MPD job over drug test

Should he get his job back?

Should he get his job back?

Can't Jason Anderson just pee in the cup, or whatever, and move along? Evidently not as long as the Police Officers Federation has anything to say about it.

Anderson, 32, shot and killed Fong Lee in 2006, riddling him with eight bullets during a foot chase. And even though a federal jury decided last year that Anderson was within the law and acquitted him of wrongful death charges, the incident has been a source of tension between the cops and the Hmong community ever since.

Then he was charged last June with domestic assault, fired in September, the charge was later dismissed, and he got his job back last month -- almost.

(He's also accused of kicking a black kid in the head during an arrest in Crystal.)

As a condition of his reinstatement, the city said Andersen needed a "fitness for duty" exam by a doctor. He took it, and it came back "abnormal." The doctor told the city he'd have to take a new test. He refused, and the city tried to fire him again, Rochelle Olson reports in the Star Tribune.

Hennepin County District Judge Marilyn Kaman now says that the City of Minneapolis can't keep Andersen off the force until a grievance filed by the federation is settled over whether he should be compelled to take that second test. And it sounds like Andersen has a reasonable chance of winning the grievance.

Federation lawyer Jim Michels told the Strib the move to fire Andersen is "just another run at trying to get rid of this guy."