Jason Andersen fired again

Getting fired like it's his job.

Getting fired like it's his job.

However many lives rogue cops have, Jason Andersen is burning through them pretty fast.

The Minneapolis police have tried to fire Andersen twice already, and twice they've failed. Now they're trying a third time. You can see why the department doesn't want Andersen around: In 2005 he killed a possibly unarmed 19-year-old with eight bullets. Then he was charged with domestic assault. Then he was accused of kicking a kid in the head.


But every time they try to get rid of this guy, he comes back, even after refusing a drug test.

Now Andersen's been pink-slipped again, this time for lying to the Civilian Review Board about the head-kicking incident. Or, as the bureaucrats in blue are putting it, for "willfully or knowingly making an untrue statement."

But don't close the book on Andersen yet. His lawyer and the police union are already circling the wagons, calling the latest firing proof that the department is out to get him. At this rate Andersen may have to get fired a few more times before it sticks.