Jared Allen would've tied sack record if Brett Favre didn't take a dive [VIDEO]

Brett Favre takes a dive for his buddy, Michael Strahan.
Brett Favre takes a dive for his buddy, Michael Strahan.

Jared Allen finished just short of beating Michael Strahen's single season sack record this weekend, and ties the real record for sacks unassisted by quarterbacks.

If Vikings fans are looking for another reason to hate Brett Favre, consider this: He took a dive for his friend Michael Strahan in order to give him the sack record that eluded Jared Allen's grasp. With the phantom sack, Strahan reached 22.5 sacks, beating the record of 22 set in 1984 by Mike Gastineau with the New York Jets.

This year, Jared Allen had 22 sacks, setting a Vikings team record but falling 1/2 sack short of Strahan's bogus record.

The video tells the story. Strahan is released unblocked, Favre fakes a hand-off, then turns toward Strahan and falls down, making no effort to get away.

"They're buddies!" cries the announcer. "You gotta be kiddin'!"

Here's the back story of the "phantom sack":

Green Bay Coach Mike Sherman, with his team comfortably ahead, called for a running play to Ahman Green. Favre changed it, without telling his offensive line, to something called a key play, meaning Favre is to fake a handoff to a back and then run the opposite way, in this instance, toward Strahan's left defensive end spot.

Since the linemen thought Favre was handing off, they did not pass protect, and Strahan was free. He steamrolled right into Favre for a 7-yard sack. It went just as Favre had planned it.

Until that point, Strahan had no sacks, three quarterback hurries and two quarterback hits. He was not going to get the record.

There is no question that Favre knew this, so he changed the play so Strahan could get the sack. ''Strahan can get sacks on his own,'' Sherman said, stressing that the original call was for a handoff. ''We don't have to give it to him.''

Favre has always denied taking a dive for Strahan, but the video tells the story and clearly even his teammates didn't believe him.


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